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ORBVS is written by Tynan Burke and Ben Mann.

Tynan Burke is currently a Sophomore in college studying Advanced Yardwork at Stanford University. He can be reached best by e-mail or by posting at ORBVS the LiveJournal. Whistling the Dr. Who theme will also summon him, although this is by no means recommended. He does all the art for ORBVS and co-writes the script with Ben.

Ben Mann is a slave to the great books program at St. John's College in Santa Fe. Contact with him is inadvisable, but can be attempted at 'benjaminberkeley@yahoo.com'. His hobbies include Norwegian black metal, ABBA, and having a massive ever-growing beard (recent picture coming soon!).

Tynan rekindled his torrid affair with the cupboard floor earlier this year.

Incidents like these eventually put an irreconcilable strain on the friendship between Ben and gin.