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New readers should start with The French Onion Job or Spinelessness, and it couldn't hurt to read the characters page.

ORBVS: The Garage Tapes was written before ORBVS had, really, any order to it. It features The Safety Dance Saga, and, although it has its moments, it is certainly some of ORBVS' rougher works.
ORBVS: The Demo Years features the first fully-pre-planned of ORBVS' works and shows a remarkable transformation of graphics approximately halfway through. Employing the traditional ORBVS formula, Ralph finds himself in a difficult situation after selling his French Onion Dip to a cult.
Spinelessness is a completely graphically mature ORBVS plot, featuring some of the prettiest pictures made by Tynan to date. A bizarre tale of revenge, giant robots, Usenet, and porcupine suits, this is sure to please fans of ORBVS and weird sci-fi alike.
This album is indeed in progress. The first part of it, "In Over His Head: A Cinderella Story for Pessimists," is currently in progress. It promises to be less wacky, but will certainly feature more than your RDA of Sassy Girl.