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  Ralph is certainly the character with the most money. As heir to the Quadrilateral Corp.'s vast fortune, he was very close to his father as a child and continues to hold high opinions of him to this day.
  Rolf, as you may have noticed, is Ralph's twin brother. As you may also have noticed, he has no body. A soft-spoken man that can seem childish and almost innocent at times, Rolf is very different from his twin brother, particularly when it comes to his father and family history.
  Adam is primarily The Highwayman's software engineer. He is also a very talented programmer, currently also working as one of the chief programmers on the computer game Sphere vs. Rectangle.
  Jeff is a private detective whose competence has yet to be proven. He is obsessed with The Safety Dance and used to attend the annual anniversary party of its release in Cuba every year before E-Cola! hit. During its last year, though, Jeff had a run-in with rapper J-Spizzle, who sought to turn Cuba into a nightclub, which would destroy the anniversary. Jeff was able to alert everybody just in time, and narrowly escaped Cuba with his life, but not dignity, intact, as J-Spizzle released his own version of The Safety Dance featuring a three-minute sample of the song and eleven seconds of rapping shortly thereafter. It went triple-platinum.
  James is The Highwayman's navigator. The youngest member of the crew, he can get moody at times, and seems to have a very strong attachment to Ralph and Rolf's cache of French Onion Dip. Stuck in space several years ago as the result of a social psychology experiment, he recieves a steady income from the school and doesn't really seem to mind having been marooned for so long.
  Captain LeRoix is The Highwayman's wizened old pilot. A very no-nonsense kind of guy and certainly an old salt to space travel, he guarantees the ship safe passage through asteroids and other space obstacles.
  Brad is Adam's old arch-nemesis. Owner of the robot Gorgoroth, he vows to get revenge on Adam for beating him out for the honor of being a programmer on Sphere vs. Rectangle.
  Female Robot Pilot Rio, 25th Division, is, regrettably, Brad's ex-girlfriend who has not been particularly fond of him for many years. She saved Adam's ass during a fight with Brad and Gorgoroth. She is the focus of the current plot, "In Over His Head".